Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Amazon Deals & Free App a Day

So I know I said this was going to be a weekly blog, but since I posted at least one each day since I started, I thought I would continue that for the first week to really get the ball rolling, plus I'm really loving this!

Amazon deal of the dayThis is something I actually just learned about today. I love Amazon. It's great prices and they have everything. (I also just love shopping online). I knew they had daily deals during the holidays but I had no idea that they actually have that going on year round! It's called the Gold Box Deals, and there's new deals every day. But hurry because your time to get these deals are limited! Here's a link for it: Shop Amazon Gold Box - New Deals. Everyday

Now part of these daily deals is a free app of the day.  This is awesome because I don't pay for apps, that's a waste of money but more on that later, and the one for today, Slydris, is addictively fun!  Here you go:

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