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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Getting Engaged? Try an Antique Ring!

So I have some fabulous news . . . I got engaged last weekend!  So you can expect a few blogs on saving money on weddings, though I don't want to post too much of that because this isn't a wedding blog.

Here's a picture of my beautiful ring:
antique ring

 It was his great-grandmother's ring.  I love it so much and couldn't have asked for something more me!

So, if you are planning on getting engaged I highly advise thinking about an antique ring, even if you don't have an heirloom ring to give away (obviously that saves you a lot of money!).

Why an antique ring?  Well first of all, they're a lot cheaper and I only list that first because this is a blog about saving money.  There are a few other (and more important) reasons though.
  • They are unique.  In my ring, the flowers in the band were hand crafted.  You're not going to find that today.
  • They can be worth a lot more.  You can usually find nicer quality stones and metals since they were easier to find a long time ago!  And this is done at a fraction of the price of a normal ring.
Need I say more?  Why get a ring that looks like everyone else's cookie-cutter rings, when you can have a unique piece of history?  But maybe that's just me.

Now that you're engaged, check out my posts on how to save money while planning your wedding starting with: Setting a Wedding Budget