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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Stop Using Lotion Too Much. The Answer? Grapeseed Oil

This is going to be a short and simple post.  If you're like me, your skin gets pretty dry.  I used to put lotion on all over my body after I showered, as I'm sure many of you do.  Now that makes you go through lotion pretty quickly.  STOP!  Use grapeseed oil instead.

I'm not kidding.  Grapeseed oi is great for your skin, it does not leave it oily, and you only need a few drops to cover a good amount of area.  I saw this trick and went out and bought some (it can be found at your local grocery store) and I haven't even used half of the bottle yet and that was over 6 months ago!  It's actually been so long since I started using it that I have no idea how long it's been, it could be almost a year!

You will save so much by not having to constantly buy more lotion.  I still use lotion for my hands and feet, but that's not very much.

*A word of caution about using oil.  Though it does not leave your skin oily, it still is oil and can leave oil stains on your clothing.  Be careful when applying it near clothing, let your skin fully absorb it before putting clothing on that area, and if you accidentally put too much oil on and it is kind of oily then just take some toilet paper and wipe off the excess.

****UPDATE 11/9/15**** I have reached the halfway mark on my bottle of grapeseed oil.  Yes, my first bottle that I posted about in this article!  So by my calculations, if you use the oil on your legs about every other day (as I do), 1L should last you about 5 years!  I still love it and my skin feels great after putting it on!  Get some at the link right below: