Sunday, October 5, 2014

Wedding Decorations, Michaels Coupons

For wedding decorations, most people think of going to Michaels.  And why not?!  It's a wonderful store with a wide variety of decorations for weddings.  And while their prices aren't too bad, I want to give you a little hint that will help you immensely in price (but not in the amount of trips, sorry!).

Michaels has weekly coupons which if you don't get their ad in the mail, you can go online and print it out or have it on your phone.  Generally it's 40% off of one item, but occasionally they have bigger amounts or ones for your whole purchase.  Also, they are partnered with Joann's and will accept any of their coupons, so if they happen to have a better one that week, you can use that.

Now since you can only use one coupon per order, this means to best use the coupons, you have to make several trips.  But as long as you start early, and plan out everything you need, you can just make a weekly trip, or bi-weekly, along with your other everyday errands and slowly check things off the list.  I know it seems tedious, but if you think that even if you only buy $100 worth of items (which would be difficult to spend less!) you'll be saving at least $40!  That's well worth it in my mind!

So check it out! 

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