Sunday, October 12, 2014

Wedding Decorations Pt 2, The Dollar Store

For those of you who have read many of my posts, you'll see a lot of my recommendations are for the Dollar Store, and for weddings it's no different!  Believe it or not, there are many things that can be used for weddings that can be found at a dollar or less type store.  Although I love Michaels (and my first Wedding Decorations post was about them), there are things that are a little overpriced.

As with any of my posts regarding this store, shop wisely -- not all their products are the best quality.  But contrary to what most people believe, there are a lot that are good quality so don't let that warning deter you.  And there are some items where quality just really doesn't matter.

Here is my list of items from the Dollar Store that could be used for weddings:

    dollar store wedding
    dollar store wedding
  • individual bubble packs
  • favor boxes
  • candy
  • ribbon
  • confetti
  • fake flowers
  • fake petals
  • floral supplies (floral tape, foam pieces, wire, etc)
  • twine
  • vases
  • sand
  • pebbles
  • baskets
  • frames
  • candles (real and battery)
  • candle holders
  • lights
  • craft supplies for DIY projects:
    • dollar store wedding
    • popsicle sticks
    • glue
    • markers
    • paper
    • glitter
    • beads
  • flip flops (to offer to the ladies for dancing so they don't tire out their feet!)
  • thank you cards

Don't forget to go here for all your pre-wedding party needs (engagement, bridal, bachelorette, bachelor) for party decorations and plastic tableware!

Are there other items that you've found at the Dollar Store that can be used for a wedding?  Leave a comment!

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  1. These are really amazing wedding decorations. I am in search of beautiful San Francisco wedding venues for arranging my sister’s wedding. Searched online and came to know about different venues so will book affordable one. Looking forward to get some ideas for décor too.

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