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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Wedding DIY Project: "Mr & Mrs" Hanging Sign

Here is a really easy project for what I think is one of the cutest decorations to have at a wedding, a "Mr & Mrs" sign.  Again, I was surprised to see how expensive these signs seemed to be.  And I also thought most of them looked pretty boring.  I thought, "I can easily make this on my own and then I can also customize it to match my colors!"  So I headed to Michaels, but all they had were really large wooden letters and really small wooden letters.  I wanted something large, but since I wanted this to hang off the tablecloth of our sweetheart table, I was afraid the large wooden letters would be too heavy.  I figured cardboard would be the best.

So I hit the internet and found a person on Etsy who does customized cardboard letters in many different fonts.  I also asked for a heart that was slightly larger than the & sign so I could fit the & on top of it.  It worked perfectly!  You can find the artist here.

wedding sign

 For this project you will need:
  • letters and heart
  • twine
  • paint
 Step 1
Get your letters.  As stated above, I wanted lightweight so I found someone on Etsy who cuts out letters on cardboard (go here) but if yours doesn't need to be, you can find wooden ones easily.

Step 2
Paint the letters and heart.  Since I knew mine would be in front of the colored tablecloth, I thought white would be great to stand out.  But I wanted the heart and "&" to be special so I used our two colors on those.  Luckily one of my colors was pink but any colors will work!

Step 3
After the paint has dried, attach the twine.  I didn't want the twine going through the letters, so I cut twine to go between each letter and hot glued it to the letters.  I think that looks nice.

And voila!  Easy!