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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Bridal Fairs

So today I just got back from my first bridal fair outing.  Now I'm totally exhausted and a little on overload of wedding stuff BUT the good thing about bridal fairs: the discounts and the giveaways.  Getting tickets for the fairs are usually cheap, $5 - $10, but regardless, it's easy to find coupon codes to get free tickets which is exactly what I did.

Now even though I haven't picked anything out yet for my wedding, I didn't really go to shop.  I went to get discounts and to be entered into drawings.  Almost all vendors have giveaways for a wide variety of services, many that are worth quite a bit, also there are generally some overall large giveaways like a honeymoon.  But even if you don't win any prizes, there are a lot of discounts. 

Another plus: the fashion shows.  But not exactly for the reason you'd expect.  I realized that the real plus was seeing what dresses were difficult to walk in.  Obviously you don't want to be worried about tripping on your gown walking down the aisle.  Yikes!