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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Cut Cell Phone Bill in Half: Switch to Ting

Let me start off by saying, I do not work for Ting, I just really love what they are doing and want you all to know about it too!

When I was about to switch to paying for my own cell service and not be under my family's plan anymore, I spent a lot of time researching different companies.  I wanted to finally have a smart phone, but not have to pay the ridiculous monthly charges that comes with the territory if I knew I wasn't going to be using data all that much.  My goal was to find something where I would be paying under $50/mo, preferably less than $40/mo.  What I found was much better.

I found the problem for me was that my needs went completely against what most packages were: I wasn't going to use data all that much, I send texts but not too many, and I still wanted a lot of minutes.  A lot of packages are great for one or two of those areas but really skimpy on the other and it never seemed to work in my favor.

Now on to Ting.  Let me explain why they work so well for basically any needs.  Here's the genius plan: you pay for what you use.  That's it.  You don't have a limit, there are just different scales of prices in each category: minutes, texts, and data.  If you don't use on area, you don't pay for it.  There's a $6/mo device usage fee and some other small fees, and that's it!

Not quite making sense?  I'll give an example: Let's say you don't really talk, you just text, and your on the internet all the time.  It's $3 for the smallest amount of minutes (100), $8 for 1000 texts, and $24 for 1000 MB of data.  With the other fees, that's only $41/mo!  If you happen to not talk one month, you don't pay for any minutes.  And guess what, if you have multiple people on your plan, the savings are even greater! You can check out all their rates here:  You can also compare your current bill to what you would pay at Ting here:   Or here's a video if it's still not clicking:

Other pluses:
  • great customer service
  • easy to understand bills
  • no contracts
  • fun and cool company!

What's the downside?  Well the only slight downside is that the prices for phones are pretty steep.  Because they offer you such discounted monthly rates, they can't give you the great prices on brand new phones.  But you can easily make up what extra you spend very quickly because of how much you will save per month on your bill.  Plus there's no contracts!  (Or if you already have a Sprint phone, you can use that one if it's on the accepted list!)

You should definitely check them out.  And if you are interested in switching over, here's a referral link:  If you use this referral, not only do I get $25 credit, but you get $25 off your device purchase or credit too!

****UPDATE 10/28/15**** While I love Ting and still recommend it for people who don't use much data and don't need the newest phone, I have discovered a better plan for most people.  Read this article.